State of the Farmette

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Follow along with us after the move to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Read about what we’ve been up to the past month: projects were working on, successes and struggles, and more in our monthly State of the Farmette report.

Projects Completed:

Notable Purchases:

  • Washer and Dryer
  • Rocking Chairs

This past month has been spent living and enjoying our new town.  We are no longer unpacking boxes or repairing immediate home improvement issues; I finally feel like we’re starting to settle in.  Speaking of settling in- our master bedroom makeover is fully completed!  James put up a gorgeous pallet wall that transformed the whole room.  It makes me happy every time I go in there.  As parents, it’s easy to always put your kids needs first, but it felt so good to focus on us for once and go all out in making the room exactly the way we wanted.

Gorgeous master bedroom makeover! Can't get over the before and after!

James and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at the beginning of October with a visit to Four Winds Steakhouse.  It’s in the ranch house of former Dallas Cowboy Lee Roy Jordan and located amongst 1,100 acres of old oaks overlooking a small pond.  Being in such a small town, I wasn’t sure what to expect from one of the only steakhouses around, but it turns out the chef used to work at Del Frisco’s and has over 30 years experience.  I’ll write a review of the entire meal soon because it was seriously one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.  The food was seasoned and cooked perfectly (the roasted goat cheese and red pepper pesto appetizer… OMG), the atmosphere was so quaint and inviting, it was the perfect spot for our anniversary celebration.


Last weekend our whole town shut down for a fall festival.  The police blocked off main street and everyone lined up with food and games.  We were worried about how to handle Halloween in a small town, since trick-or-treating isn’t really feasible when your closest neighbor may be a few miles down the road.  The churches in the area, and even the school, step up with all kinds of fall activities.  The kids had a blast dressing up, playing games, and going on a “scary” hayride around the town.  (Kids from the high school drama club dressed up as zombies and other spooky costumes along the route.)  It was so fun.


Struggles for the Month

The grocery budget.  Good grief.  You would think that being so far away from grocery stores and fast food restaurants (really, any restaurants) would benefit your wallet.  Since we moved, we have almost doubled our grocery budget each month- and that is only groceries, it doesn’t even include eating out.  We have been utilizing online shopping a TON through Amazon Pantry and Google Express (hello, Costco, I’m looking at you).  We’ve even ordered from H-E-B grocery store (their pickles + green salsa… oh my goodness.)  So, on the one hand, I’ve almost been stockpiling because I usually over-purchase some items that I know we will eat eventually and it helps me meet any minimum shipping requirements.  We have enough pickles and Whataburger spicy ketchup to last us through the winter haha.  Reining in our grocery budget, cooking real food at home, and reducing waste are my top priorities for the next month.


Wins for the Month

My win for the month had been all the progress made on my shed.  James has been hard at work installing electricity, air conditioning, hot water, and insulation.  We are almost ready for walls and floors!  I am so, so excited and love the way it is all coming together.  I have so many plans for Grace and Good Eats in the coming months and can’t wait to get started in my new space.


Everyone else’s wins for the month were greatly overshadowed by Sophia’s win.  She had her first riding lesson this month and it was as adorable as you are imagining.  My little cowgirl, decked out in her jeans, boots, and pearl-snap shirt, got to spend an hour riding.  She is a natural.  Five minutes in to the lesson she informed her instructor she was “ready to go fast” and five minutes after we left she informed us that she was “ready to come back tomorrow.”  James and I are currently deciding how many extra jobs we need to support her habit. (Ha!)


It was a good month and I’m happy that it’s starting to feel like this is “my town” and less like we are the outsiders from Fort Worth.  Looking forward now to cooler weather!

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