State of the Farmette

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Follow along with us after the move to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Read about what we’ve been up to the past month: projects were working on, successes and struggles, and more in our monthly State of the Farmette report.

Critter Count:

  • Cats
  • Visiting chickens
  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Ladybugs

Projects Completed:

  • Converted kitchen from electric to gas

Notable Purchases:

  • New countertops
  • Gas range
  • Bedroom ceiling fans

Now that I sit down to write this post, it doesn’t look like we accomplished much over the month.  Partly due to the holiday and partially because James had a small procedure done that put him on the DL for a week or so.  We had a very happy Thanksgiving and traveled to my parents house in Fort Worth to celebrate with them.  My mom cooked THREE turkeys… I think there ended up being almost thirty of us in all.


Our small town had it’s 40th annual Heritage Festival this month.  They opened up the downtown buildings where you could see exhibits of how life in the town was when it was first established.  Isabella’s class sang The Yellow Rose of Texas and a few other songs.  There was an antique car AND antique tractor show.  There were domino tournaments, hayrides, food, face painting, vendors lining the streets, and live music.  So much fun was had that Ian fell asleep in the middle of it (which never happens).


The most noteworthy (and only) project we completed this past month was converting the kitchen from electric to gas.  We knew this house was all electric when we bought it, and it was always the plan to convert the kitchen to gas, but what we didn’t know was that this house actually USED TO BE GAS!  Apparently, the previous owners converted it… for reasons I will never understand.  This project turned out being much easier (and more cost effective) than we imagined once we discovered that existing pipes were already there.  James had to make a few adjustments and repairs, but we were so lucky that he was able to do it all himself.  Because we saved money on the labor, we were able to splurge on a beautiful new stainless steel LG range with five burners and a double oven.  It was worth every single penny.


As the leaves started to turn, the wildlife seemed to increase.  We recently found obvious coyote evidence (ew) just a few feet away from our front porch.  We’ve seen several deer in the backyard during the early morning. We even had a couple of chickens come through… still unsure who they belonged to or where they live haha.  We put an old bench on our back porch and apparently the neighbor cats love to sleep on it.  I can’t tell you the number of times that James or I have looked out the back window only to be scared half to death when one of them jumps down onto the deck.  Sometimes we go out after dark with a flashlight and watch what looks like dozens of rabbits running all over the backyard.  And then there was the Ladybug Plague of 2016.  There were THOUSANDS of them.  They would swarm the cars, getting inside the crack of the door jams and then find their way in when you tried to get in.  It was awful.  Apparently they go dormant in your house during the winter, but they got tricked into coming back out for a warm weather weekend.  Also, they DO bite.  Harmless, but a serious nuisance!  (After re-reading this paragraph, I realize it makes me sound like I just got off the bus from the city, but I don’t care.  The ladybugs were out of control and I will never be ok with coyotes on my front porch. Haha)


Struggles for the Month

I’m disappointed we aren’t further along with my Shedquarters, but James has been hard at work on my farmhouse table.  After days of working on it and applying the final coat of sealant, we had a big storm roll through with a ton of wind that got dust and debris all over the surface.  We’re hoping the weather cooperates this week for him to give it one final sanding + sealant and we can bring that baby inside!

Wins for the Month

The range wasn’t the only kitchen upgrade we purchased this month.  We chose the pattern for the new countertops (a pretty white + grey quartz) and are just awaiting installation now.  With the upcoming holidays it probably won’t be until after the new year though.  I can’t wait!  I hope by choosing a lighter color it helps to lighten up the dark kitchen.  We are also going to be installing new light fixtures (+ can lights) and a new glass storm door for the back door (that leads out of the kitchen) to help pull in some more light.


I’m excited to decorate the Farmette for Christmas.  We’re hoping to get a tree this week (like a real tree, that we for real cut down ourselves), the girls can’t wait!

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