State of the Farmette

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Follow along with us after the move to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Read about what we’ve been up to the past month: projects were working on, successes and struggles, and more in our monthly State of the Farmette report.


James installed the subway tile backsplash in the kitchen and it looks amazing.  We still have a few tiles we need to get a special tile cutter for (around outlets, etc) before we can grout but it has already completely transformed the room.  Between the new appliances, upgraded quartz countertops, and now the subway tile, it’s really starting to look like a defined kitchen space.  With the kitchen/ dining (or living) room all so open together it was somewhat of an awkward space but now it looks so intentional.  We’ve decided to leave the cabinets dark (for now… ha) but I’m planning to paint the walls (hopefully) soon.

On the same day we were doing the tile install, baby guy got stung by a bee.  We had the doors open and they were coming in the house like crazy.  I guess one got in the playroom and he crawled upon it later that evening.  He let out a cry, but we couldn’t figure out what had happened until we saw the stinger still in his little hand!  It was red and swollen immediately, but he was fine.  Poor guy!

It snowed on the Farmette!  The girls were SO excited.  If you go to my Farmette825 Instagram you can see a quick little video of it falling.

Struggles for the Month

Does turning 30 count as a struggle?  Ha!  Honestly, the later I got in my twenties, the more I started to dread that new decade, until this past year.  Thirty feels right.  It is a welcomed new season and stage of life.  I’m closing the door on having babies and moving on to enjoying watching them grow.  Thirty feels good.  (P.s. that cake.  I splurged and made this Chocolate Oreo Cake… and a splurge it was.  There may or may not be an entire package of Oreos in that cake.  YUM.)

Wins for the Month

Isabella started basketball this month.  It’s been fun cheering her on at the games.  She’s been on sports teams before, but this is the first time she’s ever been on a team with her friends.  In Fort Worth, there’s so many kids you may never end up on a single team with someone you know.  Not the same in a small town.  Everyone plays and everyone goes to the games.  Sophia is quite literally counting the minutes until she can play sports.  (Dang late birthdays.)

James and I went on our first “Date Night” of the new year.  (For Christmas, I gifted him a year of prepaid and preplanned dates.)  January was a Murder Mystery Dinner in Dallas, you can read more about it here.  We had a great time!

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