State of the Farmette

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Follow along with us after the move to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Read about what we’ve been up to the past month: projects were working on, successes and struggles, and more in our monthly State of the Farmette report.

February was a beautiful (and busy!) month on the Farmette.  I am so ready for spring to return and the trees to turn green again.

We are finally in the home stretch of working on the Farmette Cabinette.  We had a big shopping day at Home Depot, with my little helper in tow, we picked out the sink, the faucet, countertops, and paint colors.  I’ve been holding back my excitement but after picking out these finishing touches, I’m finally starting to let myself get excited.

Ian still prefers crawling as his fastest mode of transportation but he did recently start standing unassisted.  He took his first steps at the beginning at the month and I am waiting for him to take off running any day now.

James and Isabella went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at her school.  The entire town was there (as expected haha small town life).  James said he did a great job “holding up the wall” with all the other dads (haha!) but he did finally make her dance with him for a song or two.  Isabella had a blast dancing with her friends.

It was a big month for Sophia.  The day she has been waiting for her whole life finally arrived.  She is old enough for sports.  (The cutoff is 9/1 and her birthday is 9/2, so she has to wait a full year to start school/ sports/ etc.)  We are starting with soccer (my least favorite sport lol) but she is having a blast.  I asked her after her first game what her favorite part was – she said “Running!” but then quickly changed her answer to “Winning!”  Really, I think she just likes wearing the jersey.  That kid is always in costume.

My Dad and I traveled to Florida to visit my grandparents.  We had a great time visiting with them and enjoying the sunshine.  I was looking forward to #allthesleep, but because we all stayed up so late talking, I’m pretty sure I got less sleep than I do at home with the kids (ha!).  I really want to take Sophia, maybe towards the end of summer, to visit them again aaaaand maybe sneak away for a day or two at Disney World.  She is the only one that hasn’t been on an airplane (even baby Ian has flown to Cali) so I know she would just love it.

Wins for the Month

We have one cafe in our town and I had tried several things on their menu and never really loved any of them.  And then I discovered this taco salad.  Oh my goodness.  Deep fried tortilla bowl- check.  Spicy Jalapeno Ranch dressing- check.  This totally counts as healthy, right?  Tell me yes.

Struggles for the Month

I think the biggest struggle for the month has just been our standard struggle: so much to do, so little time.  James is ready to have my shed done so that he can move on to other projects.  We’ve had new ceiling fans sitting in their boxes waiting to be installed.  We bought Sophia a new dresser (curse you IKEA) that is sitting in boxes (#allthepieces) waiting to be assembled.  I need to get all of our taxes together and ready to file.  I am preparing for surgery in a few weeks.  We may be as busy as ever but I still wouldn’t trade this small town country life for anything.

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