State of the Farmette

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Follow along with us after the move to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Read about what we’ve been up to the past month: projects were working on, successes and struggles, and more in our monthly State of the Farmette report.


Critter Count:

  • Deer
  • Birds

Projects Completed:

  • Countertop Installation

Notable Purchases:

  • Tile Backsplash

Christmas season on the Farmette!  James got the lights up on the house a day or so after Thanksgiving and we have enjoyed them so much.  Partially because it makes it super easy to find the house at night on our very dark road!

I had my heart set on getting a real tree from a local tree farm and having the whole experience of bundling up the family and cutting it down ourselves, but the weather had other plans.  We had almost a week of solid rain that wasn’t conducive for my outdoor activity, so I relented to a faux tree.  It is actually very pretty (after James spent a good amount of time lovingly fluffing each branch for me) and you can’t beat the easy care!

We celebrated Ian’s first birthday just before Christmas.  I remember when we first started trying to get pregnant with him I would plead with God, “please not a Christmas baby.”  December is always so rushed and we are already pulled in so many different directions, I didn’t want a sweet little December baby to get cheated out of proper birthday celebrations.  (I know… the irony… a Christmas birthday…).  After months of secondary infertility and failed treatments I was begging “please Lord, ANY MONTH, any day, any time!”  I can’t imagine a life without my precious December baby, but just as I worried, his birthday went by with a whisper.  We had so much going on with the holidays and sudden passing of James’ Mom just days before, that we only managed to eke out a small get together with cupcakes (that Ian didn’t even eat).  Next year, I’m coming for you Dec 17th.  Get ready for a full-blown birthday bash.  I might even start planning now.

The deer have been visiting our backyard again.  I was able to sneak outside and get close enough to snap a few pictures of them before they retreated back into the woods.  So pretty!  We’ve also had a ton of birds in our front yard eating up all of the acorns from our large tree.  Cardinals, Blue Jays, even a woodpecker or two, and a whole bunch of others that I have no idea what they are.  Ha!  One morning we awoke to find about 15 turkey vultures pecking at something in the road directly in front of our house.  Those things are huge.  And creepy.  And mean looking.  Did I mention creepy?  (Ladybug update from last month: still here, still aplenty, still annoying.)

Struggles for the Month

James had to work Christmas Day.  It’s always hard when he works on the holidays, but we were able to drive in and see him at the fire station for dinner.  The kids had a blast spending time at the station and everybody took turns driving the engine and truck.  Even Ian.

Wins for the Month

I had to go in to town one day to run errands and while I was gone James surprised me by bringing in our finished farmhouse table!!! I still haven’t taken legitimate blog-sharing-worthy photos of it yet, but it is BEAUTIFUL and we have SO enjoyed it.  It makes me thankful for him every time I sit down at it.

VERY excited for the new year (good riddance 2016!) and bonus: January is Isabella and my birthday month!

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