State of the Farmette

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It’s officially been one month since we moved to our little Farmette 825 in the country.  Honestly, I expected there to be more of an adjustment period, but so far, I think even Emme agrees that this was a great move for the fam.  

Critter Count:

  • 2 snakes (outside)
  • 2 scorpions (inside)
  • 1 mouse- “Templeton the 1st” (inside)
  • 1 black panther- “Bagheera” (keep reading)

Projects Completed:

  • Nest thermostat
  • Electronic Keyless Entry Deadbolt
  • A/C duct work and new vents
  • Replaced all vent registers
  • Installed exhaust fans
  • Rerouted dryer vent
  • Replaced dishwasher
  • Land clearing

Notable Purchases:

  • Master bedroom mattress
  • Master bedroom bed
  • Sophia’s bed
  • Zero turn mower
  • 10×20 shed


Isabella and Sophia are both thriving in their new schools.  Isabella has made fast friends and even attended her first birthday party since the move.  There is only one school campus (elementary, intermediate, junior, and high) and fourth grade is in the intermediate building.  She feels like she “promoted” since 4th was still a part of elementary in our previous district.  Because of the close proximity between schools, there is a lot of pride fostered for the football team and everyone gets to take part in the weekly pep rally.  We’ve attended one of the Friday night (away) games and I swear everyone from town was there.  I absolutely love that part of the small town lifestyle.


Sophia could not be more thrilled with her school; a little red building nestled among almost 20 acres of gorgeous pine trees.  There is a huge pirate ship playhouse for recess, and a pen of goats and chickens between.  It’s basically the cutest little setup you’ve ever seen.  Taking her away from her previous preschool, that we loved so much, was probably my biggest fear for the entire move- even more than being 35mi from the nearest Target.


James has been on vacation from the fire department for almost half of the month since we’ve lived here, so we’ve been able to get a nice start on some of the projects we want to accomplish.  We quickly learned, though, that one project inevitably turns into about ten other projects and costs twice as much in both time and money.  It feels like we’ve been doing some kind of improvement every day, but most of them have been corrections or upgrades instead of aesthetics and customizing.  We’ve been spending money to save money in some areas- like the new duct work in the attic (fixing holes, repairing seals, and adding new vents).

One of the biggest aesthetic improvements was having the back half of our land cleared.  We are on almost four acres and about 2/3 of it was completely overgrown with thick weeds and brush; so thick that we couldn’t even walk a path through to the back to see where our property line stopped.  We hired a local company (actually the husband of one of Isabella’s teachers… #smalltown #everybodyknowseverybody) to come clear it for us.  Once again, it took two days instead of one, and double what we budgeted, but it was completely worth it.  Now that we have it cleared we need to look at fencing options, especially because we’re planning to add livestock soon.


Not long after we had the land cleared, our neighbor told us about a “black panther” that has been living in our area.  Apparently it decimated the previous owner’s chickens and has made off with other neighbors’ cats and dogs.  She’s seen it in the daytime since we’ve been living here (yikes), and numerous times at night.  While we know it’s not a true “black panther”, we are still on the alert for a big cat (mountain lion/ cougar/ puma) as those are native to Texas.

Struggles for the Month

The biggest struggle has been adjusting to being so remote.  Twice now we’ve been mid-project and realized we need one or two things to finish and the closest Home Depot is over 25mi away.  Grocery stores are the same way.  We try to dedicate at least a half day to run in to town and get all of our errands done in one trip vs. making several long distance trips a week.  It helps that James drives in to work every third day and can pick things up on his way back home if needed.  Then theres also the snakes, scorpions, mice… thankfully, so far, none have managed to get away alive.

Wins for the Month

James win was finally purchasing his zero turn mower.  He’s been planning that purchase since our contract on the house was accepted.  While a big ticket item, it was a necessity for the amount of land we have to mow.  After a few hiccups trying to get it ordered (read: don’t do business with Toro because they have no idea what is going on and customer service is not helpful at all) we decided on a Husqvarna.  It’s a better mower, and the fact that it’s orange (James favorite color) was just icing on the cake.  He couldn’t be more pleased with it and I caught him smiling to himself multiple times while mowing the first day.


My win was ordering my shed.  That’s right- MY shed!  We purchased a 10×20 “cabinette” from Lelands.  It has a cute little porch and metal roof, similar to our house.  My plan is to turn it in to my office- complete with a kitchenette for me to run my food blog, Grace and Good Eats.  I’m still trying to think of a name for it (read: hashtag) but, I mean, can I really do better than the “Farmette Cabinette Kitchenette?”  HA!!  It  should be delivered in the next few weeks (fully assembled) and I can’t wait to get started on the inside!

I’ll update this post with links for the in-depth tutorials for the projects we’ve completed as I get them posted, but be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what we’re up to.

And just because I realized I haven’t mentioned Ian at all in this post: he’s happily adjusting as well.  His room is actually the ONLY room that is 100% complete with pictures on the walls and everything in its place.  He’s not a huge fan of spending so much time in the car, but as long as he gets food and naps on the reg’ he’s a pretty easygoing guy.


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