Spirit Lead Me… to Uganda?

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“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders…” I started praying about that song the first time I heard it years ago at our church in Fort Worth.  I asked God what that would look like? I had no desire to serve on a mission. I had no desire to adopt internationally.  My trust in God was comfortably confined within the borders I had set up around my heart.

As only He does, God began to lovingly tear down each and every wall.  He called me out in deeper waters and asked me to trust Him fully.  He humbled my pride and made it clear to me that no matter how much I thought I was in control, I wasn’t.  Thank God for that!

More than asking for prayers, or even monetary support, I feel like God has asked me to share these stories.  I’m so excited to be going on this trip with a group of women from my church and know that God is going to use each of us for His glory.

The main purpose of our trip is to love and support the long term missionaries already in Uganda.  We each have a suitcase with the sole purpose of bringing them items from the states- goods for their families that they can’t find there, things that would be too costly to ship, even things as simple as their favorite comfort foods!

Another purpose of our trip is to learn more about the organizations that are there long-term doing the work that needs to be done within the communities, so that we can return home as their advocates.

During our 10 day mission we will have the chance to work with:

Heal Ministries: The James Place empowers and provides resources to vulnerable, abandoned women and children through Christ centered holistic programs that teach sustainability and family preservation.  They offer Bible study, English classes, childcare, preschool, and more.

Sole Hope: We will get to work with Sole Hope learning all about the work they are doing to combat the jigger problem in Uganda.  We will get the opportunity to help them with a medical clinic day – washing feet and sharing the love of Christ.

(What is a jigger? A jigger starts out so small it is nearly invisible. It burrows into a person’s skin and latches onto blood vessels.  Within days the jigger swells to over 1000 times the size it was while continuously laying eggs.  The results of jigger infestation are pain, itching, and infection. Children stop walking to school.  Adults can’t care for their families.  The elderly become captive in their homes. Worst of all, due to widespread cultural beliefs, people infested with jiggers are often shunned for the “curse” painfully visible upon their body.)

Obwaagazi: Obwaagazi Children’s Foundation provides special education, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to children with disabilities in Uganda, as well as medical assistance, parent education, community outreach, food assistance and income generating programs for their families.  Children with disabilities in Uganda are often seen as a curse to the family and communities; there are no special education programs in public schools.

Amani Baby Cottage: Amani Baby Cottage is a babies’ home that provides care for orphaned, abandoned, and needy children, from newborn to 5 years.  It was established in 2003 and has been the home to over 350 children.  Their goal and mission is to find a permanent home for all of the children through reuniting with their families or adoption.

I would love for you to learn more about these ministries if you’re interested- there are numerous ways to get involved with them directly, everything from donating old pairs of jeans to be made into shoes to sponsoring a child.  Many of them even have Amazon wish lists that you can purchase from and have supplies sent directly to them.

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