Pudgy’s Mexican Food: Wills Point, TX

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We recently visited Pudgy’s Mexican Food in Wills Point, TX.  The restaurant is located in the downtown square among several other restaurants and shops.  It overlooks the train tracks, which the kids loved.  Wills Point is just one town over from us, 15 minutes or so, and is the closest “big” town to us with about 3500 people.  It’s where we typically shop for groceries and has the closest fast-food options (Sonic, McDonalds, and Dairy Queen).


The menu at Pudgy’s features Mexican food, as well as BBQ and traditional American plates (burgers, fries, etc).  I wouldn’t normally go to a BBQ place for Mexican food (and vice versa), but in a small town, you take what you can get.  🙂  It works out well when we’re eating out with the kids though, because we have a greater chance of finding something they like.


James was craving chips and salsa and he says these hit the spot.  After working in Dallas for so many years with access to some great Mexican food places, my salsa standards are pretty high.  The salsa here was thin and runny, and void of heat.  I like a smooth salsa without any huge chunks of onion or tomato, but I also like for it to at least stay on my chip.  Without much spice or heat, the kids enjoyed it though.


We saw a sign behind the register for “Pudgy Bites” (fried, stuffed jalapeños) and decided to give them a try.  We got an order of the brisket filled Pudgy Bites that come with a side of ranch.  I am not a fan of jalapeño poppers, so I didn’t try any, but James said they were “just ok.”  He said they definitely needed cheese, and that he probably would not order them again.


Sophia ordered the “Lite Plate” of BBQ- 4oz meat of your choice and two sides.  She chose chop brisket, fries, and macaroni and cheese.  It wasn’t chopped in the traditional sense you expect, instead it was more like small cuts of thinly sliced meat.  The fries were house-made and cut more in the shape of chips than fries.  The brisket is smoked on-site and smothered in a sweet barbecue sauce.  The macaroni and cheese did not appear to be from a box, so bonus points for that!


Isabella ordered the cheese enchilada plate with rice and beans.  You have a choice of topping, I would have chose a red sauce, but she chose queso.  I liked that it was a three enchilada plate instead of the typical two, the cheese was generous, and the rice and beans were good.


James and I both ordered street tacos.  He chose chicken (as they come, with onion and cilantro), and I chose brisket (no onion).  Each taco was double-wrapped with two corn tortillas and plated with rice and beans.  The corn tortillas were soft and fresh, but really greasy.  Maybe it was because I was expecting shredded brisket, but the tacos left me wanting more.


All in all, I would give it three stars.  The restaurant was very clean and the staff was friendly.  $50 felt a little high for a quick weeknight meal, but the portions were generous.  Bottom line: I probably won’t be back and will stick to homemade Green Chili Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas and Restaurant-Style Salsa instead.

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