EP Approval, Court Submission, & Travel Dates- OH MY!

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I’m behind in updating the blog because things have been a whirlwind with movement!!  I’m actually typing this from SOUTH KOREA and I have already held my son in my arms… but before we get to to that, let’s catch up:

We received notice on December 10th, 2018 that we received EP approval.  After waiting 173 days for submission, we received our approval just 40 days later!  Hallelujah, thank the Lord!  It honestly caught us by complete surprise.

We were submitted to the court a few weeks later on December 21, 2018.  Waiting to hear the news of our court date was so hard- the last step before traveling.  We were SO ready to start making travel plans and kick everything into motion.  We finally received the news a month later (1/24/19) that we had a court date scheduled for Valentine’s Day!!!

  • EP Submission: 10/31/18
  • EP Approval: 12/10/18
  • Court Submission: 12/21/18
  • Court Notification: 1/24/19
  • Court Appearance: 2/14/19

That meant we had about three weeks time to book flights, an Airbnb, plan, pack, and move five people half-way across the world!  That meant we would probably return home with Eli before his second birthday!  My gut feeling this whole time was travel in February and home before April.  Thank you, thank you, Lord.

We used Adoption Airfare to book our one-way flights to Incheon.  This was easier than trying to predict our return date and cheaper than paying change fees x 5.  They were able to get us direct flights from DFW -> ICN cheaper than we could find ourselves.  I highly recommend them if you need similar services.

We booked a spacious 2 bedroom/2 bathroom Airbnb in Hongdae (a region within Seoul + only about two blocks from our agency).  I knew we would never survive in a hotel for 4-6 weeks being on top of each other in one small room.  The Airbnb was a great option – so much natural light, a full kitchen, and walking distance to the subway.

Sophia and Ian packed their new carry-on suitcases from Santa as soon as we told them we were leaving.  Ian rolled it around the house for two weeks.  Never mind that they were full of toys and snacks without a stitch of clothes.  🙂

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