Eli’s September Care Package

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We’ve been expecting movement any.dadgum.day now for the next step of the process.  Working on this little care package for him took my mind off the wait for a hot second.  

I have a growing stockpile in his room of things I’ve been collecting, which makes it easy to “shop” his closet and put these boxes together.  It’s hard to believe summer has come and gone.  I know it’s almost time for me to start sending warmer clothes… which also means that another season will probably pass before we get to bring him home.

I recently let myself buy him something for when he is home, instead of something to send to him in the meantime, and it was hard.  Hard to live in that place of deep hope but also breathtakingly exciting to imagine him wearing it here… with me, in his room, in Texas, surrounded by his brother and sisters.

Here’s what I sent for September:

  • Two pairs of shoes (Walmart)
  • Onesie with pants and jacket (Carters)
  • Alphabet onesie (Carters)
  • Shorts (Kohl’s)
  • Socks (part of multi-pack, Target)
  • Ball (Target $1 spot)
  • Numbers crinkle book (HomeGoods)
  • Hat (TJ Maxx)
  • Plum Organic Pouches (Target)
  • BBQ flavored peanuts for foster family (Ross)
  • Starbucks packets for foster family (Ross)
  • Reusable shopping bag for foster family to carry items (HomeGoods)

Hats are very popular in South Korea- to the point that some blogs have even said you will get chided by strangers if you take your child out without one to protect them from the sun.  We’ve seen Eli wearing a hat in a few pictures so I had to grab this one when I saw it at TJ Maxx.  Soooo cute!

I also loved the cute details on this hooded jacket and these slip-on shoes.  It’s so hard deciding what sizes to send, especially for shoes!  I sent two different sizes this month, so hopefully one of them will fit.

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