Eli’s June Care Package

international adoption care package
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We got a picture last week of Eli (and his foster mom!) with the package we sent in April.  Seeing his sweet little face made all of the shipping fees worth it!  He got a big boy haircut and looks SO BIG now.

As of right now it looks like the package we sent in May has been lost in transit.  USPS warned us that once the package leaves the country, the tracking becomes a bit unreliable.  Hopefully it was delivered and just never updated or turns up soon!

This month’s care package is a bit smaller than our past two only because I needed it all to fit inside of a gallon-sized Ziploc bag.  Another adopting family will be traveling to Korea for their custody trip this month and graciously offered to take a care package for us, saving me over $50 in shipping.

international adoption care package ideas

Here’s what we sent for our “mini” June package:

  • 2pc Swimsuit, shorts + rash guard top (Cat and Jack form Target)
  • Reversible hat (Cat and Jack from Target)
  • Reusable swim diaper (iPlay from Target)
  • Toddler sunglasses (Target $1 spot)
  • Bubbles (Target $1 spot – part of a 3pk)
  • O-ball police car (Target)
  • Sunscreen + insect repellant 2pk (Babyganics from Target)
  • For the foster parents: small bag of Brookside chocolate covered acai & blueberries + two small bags of Archer Farms cashews (Target)

I felt safer sending bubbles and chocolates knowing this would be placed inside of a protective suitcase; I did go ahead and double-bag all of the liquids.  Hopefully nothing arrives busted or melted.

Pretty impressed with myself that I managed to squeeze all of that into a gallon bag.

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