Eli’s July Care Package

shirts, bath toys, and snacks on a table
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Like our June care package, I sent the July package along with a traveling family.  Which meant that I needed all the goodies to fit inside of a gallon-sized Ziploc bag again.  I sent the package to the family mid-June, thinking that they weren’t traveling until the first week of July. 

Turns out they were in Korea the last week of June, the same week that Eli had his well check visit, so he got the package early.  Also turns out that our May care package was found (woohoo!) and delivered that week as well. Which means that Eli ended up getting THREE of his care packages (May, June, and the one intended for July) all at once!  It was like Christmas in July.

We got another new picture (thank you, Jesus!) with all of his items we sent sprawled out on the table in front of him and his foster mom.  James and I were laughing because in the previous picture the FM was smiling really big but in the last picture she wasn’t smiling as much… she might be wondering how she is going to transport all.the.things home haha!

Here’s what we sent for July:

  • Firetruck onesie, t-shirt, and shorts set (Carter’s)
  • Firefighter bath towel wrap (Gerber from Walmart)
  • Washcloths (Gerber from Walmart)
  • Ocean themed bath toys (Walmart)
  • O-ball Firetruck (Target)
  • Jellybeans + Starbucks instant coffee packets for foster parents

Days before I left for my mission trip, I panicked that because Eli received the package early that we intended him to get in July, he wouldn’t get a package from us at his well-child appointment at the end of the month.  (Which means that we may not get a new picture with the visit!  Photos are a courtesy, not a guarantee, but what I’ve heard from the grapevine is that a package generally gets a photo.)

So… of course I packed up another one the night before I left for Africa and gave James explicit instructions on how to mail it off first thing the next morning so it would make it to him in time.

Here’s what I sent in his SECOND July package:

  • T-shirt and shorts (Jumping Beans from Kohl’s)
  • Construction jammies set (Carter’s)
  • Rock’n Rings stack (TJ Maxx)
  • Noisy maracas (Walmart)
  • Puffs (Happy Baby from Target)
  • Fiber and protein bars (Happy Tot from Target)
  • GoGo Squeez pouches (Walmart)
  • Burt’s Bees hand lotion + Cafe Bustelo instant coffee (Target) for foster parents

Hopefully this box arrives in time before his appointment and doesn’t throw off August- ha!

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