Eli’s Christmas Care Package

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Now that Eli is 18 months old he will only go in for well baby checks every other month.  He ended up going for two extra visits in October because he took a fall that required stitches.  He is totally fine now and we received a phone call with pictures when it happened along with pictures of it healing about a week later.  I wish I could be there to scoop him up and hug his foster parents because I know that wasn’t easy for them!!

Due to the extra visits, I wasn’t sure if he would go in for a well check in November or December, so I decided to go ahead and send the Christmas box now.  I’m dropping it off this afternoon and bracing myself for the shipping fees.  I went up one size with the box so I could fit everything in!

Here’s what I sent for Christmas:

  • Two long sleeve shirts (Jumping Beans from Kohl’s)
  • Two pairs of pants (Jumping Beans from Kohl’s)
  • Two button-down shirts with pants (Carters)
  • One pair of Jeans (Carters)
  • One firetruck Chief sweatshirt (Carters)
  • Onesie (Carters)
  • Hooded jacket (Jumping Beans from Kohl’s)
  • 3 pairs of socks (Target)
  • LILLABO Wooden train set (IKEA)
  • Ball (Target)
  • Bib with tie (Mud Pie)
  • Happy Baby Puffs
  • 6 Sprout baby food pouches
  • 2 packages of beef jerky (Target)
  • 2 packages of cashews (Target)
  • 1 jar of raw honey (World Market)
  • 1 jar of Nutella (World Market)
  • Globe Christmas ornament (World Market)
  • Tea cup with infuser (World Market)
  • Melissa and Doug Personalized Puzzle (Amazon)

I am SUPER excited with the way this personalized puzzle turned out!!  (Found here.)  I used the puzzle piece shape to cut out pictures of all of us and then used ModPodge to stick them in the spaces.

I put the ModPodge on the puzzle board and then again on top of the picture itself after placing it in the space.  It dried really quickly and felt secure.  I used the same photos we initially sent with our dossier paperwork.

God definitely blessed me that day- I took those photos by myself with my tripod and a camera remote so that I could get them in the mail quickly and they’re seriously some of our best (and most stress-free) family photos ever.

What to get foster parents for Christmas is a big topic right now in the adoption groups.  World Market was a great place to find small packages of snacks; I was able to find tiny jars of raw honey and Nutella.  (I wrapped them in paper and then put them inside a sealed plastic bag, tucked between layers of clothes inside the box.)

I also found this pretty floral Infuser Mug and this globe ornament from World Market.  (Total assumption on my part that FM drinks tea.)  I used a red permanent market to draw a heart in Texas and South Korea with a line connecting the two.  (Also total assumption that they celebrate Christmas/ put up a Christmas tree.)

I thought I would be more sad about sending this box, another milestone without Eli, but I’m feeling pretty good these days.  I’ve spent enough time wrestling with God over this timeline and I can finally say that I feel total peace in handing it over to Him.  Who am I to rush the Creator of the universe?

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