East Texas Restaurants by Rating

Dukes Burgers and Sports Co in Canton, TX. This award winning burger joint has a delicious menu and huge selection of local beers.

For the purposes of this blog, I have created a rating system of 1-5 stars (5 = best).  I consider the entire experience (atmosphere, cleanliness, friendliness, etc) as part of the rating, not just the taste of the food.  The breakdown of stars is as follows:

Five Stars: I would eat here every single day.  Top notch across the board.
Four Stars: A solid restaurant I would gladly visit again.
Three Stars: Nothing really to complain about but nothing to write home about either.
Two Stars: I won’t be back here, probably a reason (or two) to skip this place.
One Star: I would not recommend to anyone.

Five Stars

Big Mouth Burger Company
Duke’s Burgers & Sports Co.
Four Winds Steakhouse
Street Taco Shack

Four Stars

The Forge

Three Stars

Pudgy’s Mexican Food

Two Stars

One Star


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